I Am Rose

I am aware of the fact that very little of what I have to say is of any true importance, but I don’t care.

I know that what I do is vain, but the approval of others validates me.

I  want to be understood, and loved, and remembered, just like you, just like all of us.

I am Rose McCann, and I am real.

Sadness, You Liar

Pain inside, please sleep.

Let me have something happy,

Stop killing my dreams.


Within I’m empty,

Or so to me it would seem.

I think I’m nothing.


Thief of joy. Liar.

The world is a shining place,

Where I do belong.


But where do I fit?

I have not found that space yet,

My sense of self, lost.


Your shade follows me.

You are wicked, and evil.

Get out of my sun,


I deserve to shine,

And I am worthy of love.

I’m not what you say,


I do have a place,

You trickster. I’m not empty,

I am full of me.