My Brothers Love

I was made to be a stranger

In this world, and in my skin

By the violent robbery

Of  my childhood.


I still remember that sticky warmth

Down between

And on my belly.


I still remember your frenzied sighs

Of satisfaction,

Sweat from your brow

Upon my face

That was locked in a grimace of pain

As you demonstrated to me

The mechanics

Of adult love.


You pulled yourself out

For me to see,

And I thought that you were dying,

But then you were laughing.


You left me there,

My legs dangling from the edge of the bed

Too small to touch the floor,

Pony print panties

With a pink bow

Slipping from around my knees

To my ankles,

And a dark red spot for days

To remind me

Of what had been plucked too soon.


Briars now thrive

Around my heart,

And what does grow there

Is rotting on the vine.



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