Come Lady Mania

Come lady mania,

I have been waiting for you.

Lie down with me,

And put your face close to mine.

Tickle my pearl,

And sing with me

The highest notes

Of the sweetest song,

And we’ll laugh hysterically,

And speak in tongues,

Then have sex with a stranger,

And fall in love,

Invite him in,

Then leave.

You sharpen the edges of my anger,

Because you know

I love to cut them deep,

And make it bleed,

Then pour the salt,

To make it sting.

Isolate me please,

Within a roiling madness,

And remove reality,

Because it isn’t any fun,

You say.

To us, the moonlight shines

As bright as day,

And we pace, and pace, and pace

The bedroom

Until the dawn glows orange,

On the horizon.

Stand with me

At the rim of madness,

And let us wrap words

Around stones,

And drop them in the chasm

Between where we stand,

And that unfathomable realm of sanity

That we want so very badly,

But can never seem

To fully reach.

Wreck this boat

Upon the sand,

And leave me stranded

On the beach.

Drink you say

And I drink, and drink,

Watching as you sail away.


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