A Place I Know

There is a place I know

Where pink dogwood grows

In tall grass

Sprinkled with daisies,

And dead nettle,

Where I search for the red tail’s feathers,

And dinner bones,

Those little rabbit skulls,

And bits of fur,

Nestled among the stones.


I come to this place alone

For there is no one that I know of

Who can walk quietly

In that golden light,

And watch the day

Give way to evening.


There is a hill

Ensconced with thistle,

Violet as the growing night.

I know a path to the top,

Where the earth beneath is soft,

And it is here that I go

As the stars begin to show themselves,

And the moon and I say hello.


I lay down upon my back,

And pluck the petals

From the roses in my lap

Dying in my lonely ecstasy,

And I think,

If I could tie my heart

To another in this place

Perhaps we would never

Let each other go.


But these are dreams.

These are fantasies.

No one else can see what I can see

For no one has my eyes,

But me.


So the solitude becomes routine,

And I am used to it now,

But I would rather live in solitude,

Than never be understood,

Just for the sake of company.



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