When My Heart Is Far Away

Sometimes my heart is far away,

And I have nothing to give.

I need arms to surround me,

To hold still my spiraling mind.

When my eyes are the colour

Of a stormy April sky,

I need to hear another heartbeat

Before the funnel cloud touches down.

For someone else to understand

That I need shelter from myself,

Has not happened yet,

And it seems impossible,

Because every other one

Just wants to take, and take,

And I cry as they leave,

And they leave

Because my heart is far away,

And they say

They don’t fancy all of this rain.

This is not the way

That I mean to be,

The harder I push,

The more I need someone to stay.

When my heart is buried deep within

I need someone who is able to give

Just a little of their time,

Without the expectation of words,

And to reassure me,

That this sadness cannot last forever.


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