Toad Skin

Grey, green, and black spots,

Pink entrails now unfolded,

With tongue wrapped around.


Insect wings within,

You had one last meal at least,

Unhelpful legs crushed.


Man’s little victim,

Machinery does encroach,

You sing elsewhere now.



You are an ocean surrounding me,

So beckoning, and cool, you shimmer,

Reflecting my dreams, promising me mystery,

You come when I am lonely,

Wave after wave, and I enter,

Even though I am already aware,

That your mysteries are jagged teeth,

Eyeless faces, hidden beneath unfathomable depths,

Where invisible undercurrents wait to ensnare,

Twisting cold fingers, pulling me down,

You are water I cannot drink,

Even though I am so thirsty,

I come, I have nothing else.