The Winged Mermaid

A mermaid grew,

Out of a pearl,

Down at the bottom

Of the ocean.

Her pale skin shimmered,

Like abalone,

Her hair was black,

Her eyes were blue,

And she knew

That she was beautiful,

And that she was

The only one.

Then behind her unfurled

A small pair

Of feathery wings,

In all of twilights

Lavender hues,

And she began to choke

On the salty water.

Quickly she swam

To the surface,

But her wings were too small

To carry her on

Into the clouds,

And so she languished

Between two worlds,

Until there was only one way

That she could possibly go,

And so she chose her poison,

And let herself sink

Back down to the bottom,

Looking up at the sunny sky.

Then as the light

Within her heart

Began to fade away,

She wept for herself,

And she asked,

Why was I born

To be such a lovely,

Lonely, useless thing?



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