Leave Me Alone

I am tired of playing this game with men.

Those men who flatter me.

Those men who read my words,

Admire my paintings,

And say that they understand me,

Just because they want to have sex with me,


And stupid me,

I’m just lonely enough

To always be the path

Of least resistance.


Then after sex,

Or if I don’t want sex,

I am reduced to nothing in your minds.


All the praise of my inner beauty is forgotten,

My art becomes trash,

And my words are

Raindrops on a river.


This happens because

I am not what you thought I was,

Or I would not be

What you wanted me to be,

So you make it my fault.


Tell me why it is

That I should pay the price

To be treated as a possession?


I don’t exist for you.

Your pleasure

Is not my pleasure anymore.


Does the scratch of my pen

On paper

Annoy you so greatly

That every which way I turn,

You feel you must threaten me

With your erections?


I am not impressed.

Leave me alone.

I have work to do.


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