Six Words With *You

I said, “Words slip, like water, and sand.”

You said, “He choked on too much pudding.”

I said, “Tribal beats; pure sex is song.”

You said, “Lips like honey, with empty words.”

I said, “Voice like air, carry my thoughts.”

You said, “Cold thought annihilation; only machine lives.”

I said, “Let me warm you with embraces.”

You said, “As empty as God, and alive.”

I said, “Fill void with life, I will.”

You said, “Please make sure that you do.”

I said, “My only fear; will It listen?”

You said, “If you listen, It will listen.”

I said, “Why the emptiness then?”

You said, “You are part of a whole.”

I said, “Who will give then too me?”

You said, “Separate shards give a final whole.”

I said, “Those shards, time is now eroding.”

“I am as lost as they.”

“Always I walk, moonrise calls.”

You said, “I will speak to you soon.”

I said, “Soon, for I cherish our time.”

(*Written by You, not me.)


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