Shut Up Kiss Me

If you don’t know who Angel Olsen is, you should.

Shut Up.

Kiss Me.

Hold Me Tight.


Witch House

I have the wildest sex fantasies to this music.

Then I jack off. Hard.

What turns you one?

What gets you off?

Tell me in a poem in the comments.

Let’s get high, and masturbate our brains together.

Is My Voodoo Working?

I figured out how to do this really cool thing, and I feel I have to talk about it because I am bursting with joy about my new self discovery.

It all started about a week or so ago. I was really stoned, and extremely horny. Weed makes me horny, so horny it feels like my clitoris is going to burst open with confetti made of orgasms.

I like a good tease personally, it really turns me, so it goes without saying that I tease myself a lot. I do this by gently manipulating my nipples until I get that, ‘omgs I’m gonna pop” sensation all over my pussy, and then I have to masturbate, and I do so furiously, and sometimes it happens several times a day.

I hold my breath too. I don’t know when I figured this out, but I was pretty young when I learned that holding my breath increases my arousal and make me cum really super fucking hard several times over.

I can have multiple orgasms, but only when I’m stoned, and only when I masturbate.

Can anyone else relate to this?

One day, like I said, about a week ago, I was majorly stoned, and horny, listening to PJ Harvey. I love to get stoned and jack off to this woman’s voice, she makes me feel very sexual.

Now you must know, I get some nutty ideas when I’m stoned, and I just decided to hold my breath, and gently tease my nipples, and it brought me to this new place within my own sexual arousal that I had never been before, so I kept holding my breath at intervals, and stroking my nipples, and then it happened. I had an orgasm without touching my clitoris once. And what’s more, I did it over and over again, and then I went to town on myself, I mean, I masturbated HARD, and I came AGAIN!

Holy shit. I had no idea that this was possible, and I really must know if any other women can do this amazing thing, and I want to know if anyone would like to witness it…you know…have sex with me.

Woman or man, let’s do this. I feel I must share what is truly amazing about me; my pussy.

I really want for a man to just hang out in me for a minute while I play my nipple game with myself, and feel it happening, but mostly, I want to know if I can do this with another person.


I’m ready. Ready to share my looong snake moan.

And I laugh hysterically after I cum too.

Be warned though, that I am not pretty naked, in fact, I’m down right ugly.

I’m a little bit fat, and I don’t shave very often.

I’m a hairy un-groomed woman covered in scars, especially my legs because I like to cut on myself, and burn myself with cigarettes, and I don’t have an anus because of cancer, and I shit in a bag.

Some of you have seen pictures of my scars and shit bag.

Beautifully deliciously frightening pictures of the horror that is what I have to live in, and with.

I have a fucked up magical cooter, and I want to share it with the world.

I have borderline personality disorder too, which means there’s always a surprise waiting for you, and doesn’t everyone just fucking love surprises?

Give Me Winter

Summer rolls out her suffocating quilt,

A patchwork of emerald, and viridian

Pennants waving beneath an endless blue.

I feel no joy, no desire,

To glory in warmth, and birdsong.

My longing is for grey skies,

And snow; winter’s dim barren landscape,

For it reflects perfectly my soul.