My One Shining Joy

Sadness ties my belly in knots.

Thoughts unbidden intertwine with that nothingness,

And the emptiness inside, it becomes

A widening gap in my life,

Isolating me within a great pain,

Indescribable, and not so easily understood.

I become dark of mind then,

Contemplating some end, a quick exit.


And then I remember your laughter,

Eyes like crescents, when you smile,

A Gods fingerprint upon your forehead,

Hiding in hair of my colour.

Soft footsteps whispering upon the carpet,

You slip beside me beneath covers,

We share a pillow, arms encircling,

I feel you breathe, little bedfellow.


Am I so selfish, and cruel,

That I could imagine leaving you?

Is this world so very savage,

That I can’t find the strength

To remain, and care for you?

To leave would be so evil.


You are what I’ve done right,

My one shining piece of joy,

My face in miniature, my love,

The best thing that I’ve done.









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