I am Alizarin Rose, The Red Passionate Bitch, but you may call me Rose.

I chose to be born on the 25th of February, in the year of 1979. My life is an ongoing train wreck, so I write about it.

I am a survivor of years of sexual violence.

I went to college, but I never finished because I hate school.

I paint pictures of mournful women standing beneath soulful trees, and I crochet things no one want’s to wear, and I sing in funny voices when I think I can’t be heard.

I love music, and it is the only thing that grounds me sometimes, and my absolute favourite musician is Kate Bush.

I read a lot of fiction, and Jane Austen is my favourite author.

I smoke to many cigarettes, and sometimes alcohol and Lady Ganja are the only friends I feel I have.

I was a junkie for ten years, which is why I lost custody of my son.

I survived colon cancer, but now I shit in a bag.

I have Bipolar II disorder, so everyday is a struggle to remain on the path I feel Fate as set forth for me.

I call myself a pagan, but I adhere to no faith in particular, I simply believe They are real, and that They live within me.

I don’t relate well with others, but despite this, like any other human on this Earth, I long to make meaningful connections with people, and to give and feel love.

I am lonely all of the time, and because of this, I decided to share my story, because it’s someone else’s story too, someone who doesn’t feel they have a voice at all, and as long as there are people who feel they can’t be heard, I feel I have a responsibility to speak.

If you want to talk with me about what I write, here is my email, alizarinrose79@gmail.com.





6 thoughts on “About

  1. Always intrigued by your writings and perspectives… I have read alot, but comment rarely.. My own fears of judgement stop me… I shall continue to read your poignant ramblings, as they touch me and bring me joy and an inner sadness that has become welcome and almost like a friend… I Thank You.

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